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LSR Refinishing provides architectural restoration and maintenance services for commercial office buildings, government institutions, hotels, shopping centers and select residential complexes.  We are experts at restoring and maintaining metal, stone, ceramic and wood building elements from the smallest to the largest – from doors, elevators, walls and fixtures to entire building floors, facades and entrances.  Our service area includes regional markets in New England and the Mid-Atlantic states.

But we are more than just technical experts in materials restoration and maintenance.  We are also experts in customer service.  We treat our clients as partners, working together to ensure superior results and complete satisfaction.  We prepare monthly schedules in advance for client review and approval.  We monitor the work process with daily, weekly or monthly reports as required, and visit the site with our client for both ongoing and final quality reviews.  Our proactive approach, experienced team and quality control programs free our clients to focus on their critical tasks while ensuring outstanding results.

At LSR Refinishing we are committed to delivering not only the best possible materials restoration and maintenance services, but the best possible customer experience.  We welcome the opportunity to demonstrate our commitment to you.


Our Services


Metal Restoration and Maintenance:

Metal is not only functional – it adds character and beauty to a property. Whether it’s doors, elevators, window frames, signs, banisters, mullions, railings, entryways or light fixtures, we can provide a maintenance program, or help on an as-needed basis including emergency or scratch-repair. Our services ensure that your brass, stainless steel, aluminum, bronze, copper, and chrome finishes retain their original luster.

Stone Restoration and Maintenance:

Stone is one of the most prominent elements of a building, serving as a symbol of power and elegance. Our full range of stone services includes sealing, polishing, restoration, degreasing, deep cleaning, color enhancing, grinding and honing. We know what it takes to enhance and protect the beauty of your natural stone surfaces, whether it’s marble, travertine, granite, slate, limestone, onyx, terrazzo or sandstone. We can provide a maintenance program or help on an as-needed basis.

Wood Restoration and Maintenance:

Wood is a timeless architectural element that provides a unique feeling of warmth and richness to any property. We know that every type of wood – oak, mahogany, cherry, maple, walnut, pine – is one of the most sensitive materials on site. Over time it can get damaged or decayed. We use classic, proven, sustainable methods, as part of a maintenance program or as needed, to restore and maintain all of your wood finishings.


Ceramic is one of the most versatile flooring materials. However, grout cleaning and maintenance are absolutely critical for ceramic to retain its luster. We have our own special process for deep cleaning the grout and polishing and sealing your ceramic floors in order to maintain the consistency in appearance that you desire.

Industries Served:

  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Corporate Headquarters
  • Government
  • Retail
  • Residential Towers
  • Education
  • Construction
  • Public Venues
  • Hospitality

Our Clients

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Our team


Joseph Fernandes, President

In 2005, Joe Fernandes founded PureView, LLC. Within three years it became the foremost provider of Metal & Stone Restoration and Window Washing Services in New England.

He was quickly recognized for delivering “best in class” restoration and maintenance services. This led to his purchase of METALSTONE Technologies in 2013, where he had been a Partner from 1998 through 2005, and its separation from the windows maintenance business. In 2014, Joe expanded METALSTONE`s service area from New England to the Mid-Atlantic with the purchase of LSR Refinishing.

During his 25+ years in the field, Joe has earned a sterling reputation for quality and service by putting his clients first. Joe’s #1 lesson for his people, and his success, is simply stated: “If a client calls and needs something we will get back to them immediately – not the next day, not in 5-6 hours, but now.”


Jim Fula, General Manager

Jim has been actively working in the building service industry since 1983. Jim served as a supervisor and manager at UNICCO from 1983 through 1991. Later in 1991 Jim joined Chiofaro Building Services as a Property Manager at International Place in Boston, MA. He joined LSR Refinishing in 1995, first as a salesperson and later as assistant Branch Manager for the Boston office.
Jim was instrumental in developing many successful relationships and service accounts. In 2007, Jim relocated to the Washington, DC branch office of LSR, bringing the skills and talents he honed in Boston to the Mid-Atlantic region. Since the 2014 acquisition of LSR Refinishing by MetalStone Technologies, Jim has been promoted to General Manager of the Mid-Atlantic region.


Katie Walker, Account Executive

LSR Refinishing was fortunate to have Katie join the organization in early 2000. A University of Maryland graduate, Katie has been key and instrumental in the growth and development of the Mid-Atlantic branch. She has grown from an entry-level secretary to become office manager and a key account executive. Katie holds a very critical position and is involved with every aspect of the business, from purchasing to payroll to scheduling to customer service and client satisfaction and retention. Her dedication, thoughtfulness and perseverance have been hallmarks of both the company’s and Katie’s success.


Joel Garcia, Quality Assurance Manager

Joel is responsible for overseeing the quality of workmanship within our operations department. Each account is thoroughly inspected after each service to ensure the utmost in customer satisfaction. Ensuring continual quality improvements, attention to details and Class A quality in the services we deliver is our priority.


Juan Pablo Martinez, Area Manager

Juan Pablo also began his employment with LSR Refinishing as a helper with the marble group over fifteen years ago. Since then Juan Pablo has developed many additional skills that have been effectively utilized by the company in many of our restoration projects as well as our maintenance accounts. His dedication and hard work have helped the company achieve the level of growth and success that LSR Refinishing enjoys today. His continued growth and dedicated hard work will help carry both the company and Juan Pablo to ever greater levels of success.


Jose Amaya, Area Manager

Jose Amaya has been in the metal restoration business for nearly twenty years. Jose started work with the company in the Boston office as a metal refinisher. After a brief departure from the company, moving to Texas for a few years, Jose returned to the Washington, DC area and resumed his tenure with the company. He has developed extensive technical skills and experience, becoming one of the company’s top foremen. Jose is responsible for a number of our most important, high profile government accounts and projects. Jose has recently been elevated to Supervisor, again responsible for numerous high profile accounts.

Alylish Walker, Office Manager

Alylish began her career with LSR Refinishing in 2014 as the Office Manager and currently manages all back office and administrative operations.

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